Celtic Chemicals Ltd manufactures and distributes inorganic metallic salts to a wide variety of regulated markets. Quality is a paramount concern for our clients and so it central to our approach. We continuously review our quality systems and accreditations to better meet the needs of the market sectors we work to and our production encompasses many aspects of cGMP.

Celtic Chemicals Ltd carry out their own biogas processes in thier custom designed facility based in Port Talbot, South Wales

Products for Anaerobic Digestion / Biogas

Celtic Chemicals manufactures a variety of products to optimise the biogas process, tailoring trace element solutions to fit the needs of individual plants

Celtic Chemicals Ltd are specialists in the manufactuing and distribution of Human, Animal & Plant Nutrition

Human, Animal & Soil Nutrition

Minerals are Celtic Chemicals business. We stock a full range of products from Calcium through to Zinc for all applications.

Celtic Chemicals Ltd offer a range of high purity mineral salts for Pharmaceutical / Biotech Applications

Pharmaceutical / Biotech Applications

Celtic Chemicals offer a vast range of high purity mineral salts for the pharmaceutical & biotech sector

Celtic Chemicals Ltd have decades of experience in Metal Finishing & Surface Treatment

Metal Finishing & Surface Treatment

Celtic Chemicals range of metal salts for the surface treatment sectors revolve around Cobalt, Copper and Nickel, offered as crystal / powder products or liquid solutions

Celtic Chemicals Ltd produce inorganic metal salts for Laboratory Reagents

Metal Salts for Laboratory Reagents

The majority of Celtic Chemicals manufactured range is aimed at the laboratory supply sector, inorganic metal salts analysed to specifications provided by customers.


Celtic Chemicals Ltd provide Tantalum Capacitors for use in consumer, medical, military and aerospace applications

Tantalum Capacitor Raw Materials

For a quarter of a century Celtic Chemicals has provided the global market for tantalum capacitor production with a highly reliable product that consistently excels in capacitor reliability tests.

Celtic Chemicals Ltd manufacture quality colouring agents for use in a variety of inks, colours and Lithographics

Inks / Colours / Lithographics

Many of Celtic Chemicals products are used as colouring agents for a wide variety of applications worldwide

Celtic Chemicals is associated with trusted manufacturer Jost Chemical

Partnered with Jost Chemical

Celtic Chemicals is associated with trusted manufacturer Jost Chemical

Celtic Chemicals is associated with trusted manufacturer Algry Quimica

Partnered with Algry Quimica

Celtic Chemicals is celebrating 40 years in business

40th Anniversary