Incident Resources

Why incident resources?

  • Quick and reliably working products for emergencies
  • In the event of an incident, the damage to the biogas plant and the losses in methane production are reduced

MethaTec Defoamer

  • Quickly dissolves foam that has formed and prevents formation of foam
  • Does not contain mineral oils or silicone
  • Completely biodegradable
  • Package - 10L canister / 30L canister / 210L multitainer / 995L IBC
MethaTec Defoamer

MethaTec Nmin

  • Binds ammonium and thereby prevents outgasing of this harmful gas
  • Creates settlement space for microorganisms, especially if structure is lacking
  • Additional iron component supports chemical desulphurisation
  • Package - 20kg sack
MethaTec Nmin

Sodium Bicarbonate/Calcium Carbonate

  • Stabilises the pH value in case of acidification
  • No overdosing possible
  • Increases buffer capacity
  • Package - 25kg sack
Sodium Bicarbonate