New - Calcium Citrate for chewable tablets

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New - Calcium Citrate for chewable tablets

Sebastien Deloffre (Jost EU Sales Manager comments - 

This product has been developed in order to solve an issue in the development of a chewable tablet including Calcium Citrate.

Calcium Citrate Fine granular manufactured by Jost Chemical shows excellent tabletting properties but the mouthfeel is gritty which leads to a critical customer un-satisfaction.  This new raw material combines a compactable base with an enhanced mouthfeel (non-gritty).

This new product designed for chewable tablet applications is based on the granulation of a micronized calcium citrate (Jost code 2231 already used in sachets for liquid applications because of its non-gritty property). The tabletting properties are obtained by the granulation process:  addition of 18% maltodextrin and 2% saccharose.

 Calcium Citrate Granulated 80% has a Calcium content +/- 16.4% and its average bulk density is of 0.46 to 0.54 grams/ml (loose).

Please contact Celtic Chemicals Ltd for specs / samples / prices.